Hour is now 1:15 noon Friday 2 August 2019. Swedish Radio says that case probably soon will be finished in District Court, Stockholm. And as soon as possible after this, Court will deliver their judgement. My guess is that it will be a coldshower for Asap Rocky, if I know them Courtss right. Everyone waits he will be free and can go home, I think Court will give a judgement that says case must be tried in higher Court, Svea hovrätt. Outcome will probably not be better there, rather even worse, it says if they decides to try case at all. I know them Swedish courts, best was if case never did went there at all, doing a fast overwiev Asap Rocky and his team are innocent, everyone can see that it wasn’t them who had any interest making trouble with those other guys. Ok, having a heavy weight lifeguard, can always provoke some people, so what. Let it stop with that!.

/ Michael, i min husvagn 2 aug. -19